How a Luxury Private Global Retailer Competed for Public Talent

Challenge: For a major private equity-owned luxury retailer facing competition from publicly traded competitors, Farient Advisors assessed the existing compensation practices of the executive team against a mix of public and private peers to ensure the ability to compete for talent.

Approach: Key to the success of this engagement was development of and acceptance by the private equity owners of (1) a “blended” peer group of public and privately held retailers that represented the company’s competition for executive talent, and (2) an innovative long-term “surrogate equity” plan that replicated the opportunity of stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and other long-term incentives offered by publicly traded competitors.

Result: By using a mixed group of public and privately held retailers, Farient helped this luxury brand ensure an easy transition if and when it chooses to emerge from private ownership.

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