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Farient Pay Tracker

Farient Information Services monitors Say on Pay (SOP) voting results daily, and summarizes them each week in the Farient Pay Tracker, which includes both a Say on Pay and a Pay for Performance Alignment Tracker. The Say on Pay Tracker provides an easy-to-use summary of year-to-date SOP votes, with tables containing all companies with SOP votes of < 50% and 50-80%.




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Fair Pay, Fair Play

Today’s organizations are under intense pressure and unprecedented scrutiny to redefine their standards for accountability when determining executive compensation. Fair Pay, Fair Play offers board members, executives, HR and compensation professionals, and investors a new way to think about executive compensation; suggests a model for establishing common standards of fairness and propriety; and shows how our collective actions can help develop a more efficient market for executive talent. Fair Pay, Fair Play adheres to the overriding objective that executives should be paid on the basis of how well they perform for their shareholders over the long-run, relative to the external market, within contemporary standards of fairness and propriety.

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