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Executive Compensation

We are an independent consulting firm that helps clients make performance-enhancing and defensible compensation decisions that are in the best interests of their shareholders.

With all of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protect Act compensation disclosure Provisions lining up for implementation, compensation committees are center stage. All stakeholders and onlookers, from the government to investors, to the press and analysts, continue to focus on actions taken by the board of directors (most notably the compensation committee). With the CEO/ Median Employee Pay Provision slated for 2017, and Pay for Performance and Clawback disclosures pending, there will be even more adjustments for compensation committees and their advisors. With few exceptions, tax gross ups, evergreen employment contracts, and single trigger change in control agreements are mostly gone.  Going forward, shareholders will be laser focused on pay for performance alignment and goal setting. Investors and their advisors will be looking at performance metrics to determine if your company is focusing executives on the right objectives to ensure that executive and shareholder interests align. We encourage companies to be transparent in their disclosures and make ongoing communications with shareholders throughout the year—not just during proxy season a best practice.