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Case Studies

Farient Advisors has tens of thousands of hours consulting on the many challenges and opportunities in executive compensation.

We have worked closely with Boards of Directors and management across multiple industries. We work with our clients on both a continuity and project basis. Our continuity model embeds us into your company’s processes and in effect extends your team. We also believe that our clients deserve all the resources that we have to offer. As such, we staff client relationships with senior co-leads who attend all Compensation Committee meetings and who work together to bring insights to our clients and ensure availability and access.

Creative approach to performance measurement and pay plan design

How Farient changed the game

Farient was engaged by the Compensation Committee of the Board of this publicly traded manufacturing company to develop a new compensation strategy and short- and long-term incentive plans geared to their global growth strategy.

Improving Pay and Performance Alignment

Good. Better. Best. How Farient designed a best approach to goal-setting

Since going public, this company had a pay program that was pretty straightforward consisting of base salary, a bonus opportunity contingent largely upon meeting corporate profit objectives, and stock options. Like so many other companies, this client stated in its proxy that one of its  most important compensation goals was to align the interests of executives with those of shareholders.

Pay and Risk—Avoid rolling the dice

The Compensation Committee of this publicly-traded Fortune 500 company engaged Farient to obtain a better understanding of whether its executive compensation program might encourage excessive risk-taking.

Farient Information Services

farient-information-services-webFarient Advisors is an executive compensation and performance advisory firm, well known as expert strategists on pay for performance alignment.  Farient has developed a reputation for leadership in executive compensation in support of our view that driving convergence between investors and corporations on pay and performance alignment will create the best results for all involved. We are leading the charge in the development of a common language around alignment – one that can be shared among investors, compensation committees and management.

Fortune 500 Diversified Financial Company

The Challenge

To get out in front of any unfavorable proxy advisor recommendations, this global financial institution asked Farient’s Information Services Group to provide an independent view of pay alignment and potential changes to its pay program. The company needed a quick turnaround to address any potential issues prior to its upcoming annual meeting.

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Company

The Challenge

When this global company received a “No” Say on Pay vote from its largest investor, they knew it was time to bring in the pay for performance experts to review their pay practices, make the right program changes and engage key shareholders.The Compensation Committee and Human Resources group of this publicly-traded Fortune 500 company engaged Farient’s Information Services group to gain a better understanding of investor concerns on its CEO compensation, and what might be done to alleviate those concerns.