The Farient Pay Ratio Tracker™ monitors and aggregates the CEO Pay Ratio for S&P 1500 and Russell 3000 companies. Summary results are available in an easily accessible, reader-friendly visualization. The Pay Ratio Tracker contains all companies that have disclosed their pay ratio, with updates available as new ratios are released.

The following directions will help you quickly review and segment information from the Pay Ratio Tracker.

  • Hover over a sector to see summary and historical statistics
  • See the median CEO pay and median employee pay by selecting a different data element
  • See historical data by selecting a different year
  • Narrow or broaden the company universe by selecting a stock index

Farient Say on Pay Tracker

The Farient Say on Pay Tracker monitors and aggregates Say on Pay results, and provides a summary of SOP votes with easy to access – and easy to read – tables containing all companies with SOP votes of < 50% and 50-80%.