Our Approach

Harmonizing Governance Decision-making

We are recognized leaders in harmonizing pay decisions across stakeholder groups that include shareholders, employees, and communities where work is done. We deliver compensation and governance advisory services that take into account human capital management and environmental, social, and governance goals. We provide thought leadership, ISS simulations, and service to our clients through an innovative and superior delivery model.

How We Work

Farient works on both a continuity and project basis with boards of directors and management across industries and sectors.

We create tailored solutions to solve a range of human capital management, governance, and compensation challenges. Our innovative solutions help companies around the world achieve tangible business objectives and effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

Synchronization Matters

In our role as compensation advisors, we are typically hired by the compensation committee although there are occasions when we are retained by management and work exclusively with the executive team.

Farient’s clients run the gamut from the largest publicly traded global companies to private equity firms, family-owned businesses, and private companies. Across industries, we bring independent, reliable, comprehensive, and transparent advice on executive compensation and corporate governance issues. When hired by the compensation committee we are known for collaborating with all parties involved while remaining independent and accountable to the committee.


Orchestration of Oversight

Good governance begins with the board. As the role of the director continues to expand, our team works closely with the compensation committee to best align the interests of shareholders, stakeholders, and management.


Does More Work Mean More Pay?

Directors are working harder than ever. With the broadening of many compensation committee charters to oversee all aspects of talent, the level of commitment and expertise required has never been greater. What is fair pay based on the increased workload and time commitment required? Perhaps now is the time to rethink director pay.

Assess the Pay and Performance Alignment for Your Company

To receive a complimentary Performance Alignment Report for your publicly listed company, contact us at info@farient.com.

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