Meet Our Team

Our Ensemble Is Worldwide and Independent

We seamlessly come together to serve clients in more than 35 countries through our partnership in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation (GECN) Group. We are recognized around the world for our deep focus on business strategy and linking compensation to the overall sustainability of the organization. Partnering with our clients, the Farient/GECN Group team has a long history of creating lasting relationships with directors and management through unparalleled service.

Tara Armstrong team page headshot

Tara Armstrong

GECN Group, Canada

RJ Bannister headshot

R.J. Bannister

Partner and COO, Farient Advisors/GECN Group, New York

Richard Barrow headshot

Richard Barrow

Consultant, Farient Advisors, New York

Chris Blair headshot

Chris Blair

GECN Group, South Africa

Brian Bueno headshot

Brian Bueno

ESG Practice Lead, Farient Advisors/GECN Group, New York

Mark Bussin headshot

Dr. Mark Bussin

GECN Group, South Africa

Stephen Cahill headshot

Stephen Cahill

Partner, Farient Advisors, London

Randi Caplan headshot

Randi Caplan

Leader, Marketing & Business Development, Farient Advisors/CMO, GECN Group, New York and Los Angeles

Robin Ferracone headshot

Robin Ferracone

Founder and CEO, Farient Advisors/GECN Group, New York and Los Angeles

Devon Furlong headshot

Devon Furlong

Manager, Farient Advisors, New York

Dayna Harris headshot

Dayna Harris

Partner, Farient Advisors, Los Angeles

Marc Hodak headshot

Marc Hodak

Partner, Farient Advisors, Dallas

Eric Hofmann headshot

Eric Hoffmann

Leader, Information Services, Farient Advisors, Louisville

Stephen Hostettler headshot

Dr. Stephan Hostettler

GECN Group, Switzerland

Sachit Jain headshot

Sachit Jain

Manager, Farient Advisors, New York

Lori Miller headshot

Lori Miller

Partner, Farient Advisors, New York

Angela Moe headshot

Angela Moe

Partner, Head of Consulting Operations, Farient Advisors, New York

Simon Patterson headshot

Simon Patterson

Partner, Farient Advisors, London

Alex Patillo headshot

Alex Pattillo

GECN Group, Canada

Trey Poore headshot

Trey Poore

Director, Farient Advisors

Ryan Resch headshot

Ryan Resch

GECN Group, Canada

Michael Robinson headshot

Michael Robinson

GECN Group, Australia

Jarret Sues headshot

Jarret Sues

Partner, Farient Advisors

Gabe Shawn Vargas headshot

Gabe Shawn Varges

GECN Group, Switzerland

Amanda Voegeli headshot

Amanda Voegeli

GECN Group, Canada

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