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Farient Briefings: Growth in ESG-Linked Comp Seen in Upcoming Research

  Growth in ESG-Linked Comp Seen in Upcoming Research Are environmental, social, and governance initiatives alive or dead? This question will undoubtedly continue to fuel debates. Recent articles and research suggest that the backlash against any corporate program perceived as “woke”—from climate change to diversity, equity, and inclusion under the…

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ESG Spotlights

freeport texas plant

ESG Tracker Spotlight | Dow Inc.

In a sign of the times, Farient’s ESG Tracker™ shows that Dow Inc. has replaced “ESG Metrics” with “Ambition Metrics” in its short-term incentive plan. *Data provided by ESGUAGE…

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In the News

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What’s next for ESG investing?–Pensions & Investments

Transparency and proof of materiality remain ongoing challenges to corporate sustainability initiatives. In this Pensions & Investments article on how investor ESG concerns show up in practice, Farient’s ESG Leader, Brian Bueno, discusses how companies are increasingly factoring it into executive pay decisions. And the investor demand for linkage will…

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ESG Spotlights

Hanes Brands Inc sign outside facility at night

ESG Tracker Spotlight | HanesBrands

A first for this small-cap company: Best known for its intimate and athletic apparel, HanesBrands adopted ESG incentive measures in 2022. How’d it fare? See our ESG Spotlight below pulled from our ESG Tracker. *Data provided by ESGUAGE…

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Farient Briefings: A New Framework for Evaluating Executive Talent Risk

  A New Framework for Evaluating Executive Talent Risk In the war for executive talent—and the specter of a “collision course” between compensation and good governance—corporate boards need to rethink how they manage and assess risks in talent retention and vulnerability, and its costly opposite, turnover. Robin A. Ferracone details…

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In the News

New ISS Updates Focus on Comp, Individual Board Members – Agenda

New ISS Updates Focus on Comp, Individual Board Members—Agenda

More scrutiny on pay packages for non-CEO executives: ISS last week unveiled changes to its scoring system—Governance QualityScore—used to assess companies for institutional investor clients. What are the implications for boards as they contemplate executive compensation decisions? In this Agenda article, Farient ESG Leader (and a former ISS vice president)…

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In the News

Boards See C-Suite Departures on the Horizon: Survey—Agenda

Boards See C-Suite Departures on the Horizon: Survey—Agenda

New research from Farient and Corporate Board Member titled “Turnover at the Top” highlighted persistent concerns among boards of executives leaving their companies – and that corporate culture has emerged as a key reason for departure and lever for retention of top talent. This article in Agenda discusses the report…

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Farient Briefings: Our New Research Shows Rising Talent Risk

  Reaction is Costly: Our New Research Shows Rising Talent Risk Talent vulnerability can derail retention and succession planning. A new study from Farient Advisors and Corporate Board Member reveals a potentially daunting challenge for corporate boards: an upsurge in executive turnover. More than half of public company directors surveyed are planning…

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In the News

Why the New PvP Disclosures Are a Game Changer

Why the New PvP Disclosures Are a Game Changer—Agenda

The SEC’s new rule on disclosing pay-versus-performance (PvP) that require companies to report compensation actually paid is a potential game changer, according to Farient Partner Marc Hodak, writing in Agenda. The new rule opens the door to investor demands for greater correlation between executive pay and company performance. In his…

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Turnover at the Top

Farient Briefings: Turnover at the Top

  Turnover at the Top: Are Boards Ready? New research from Farient Advisors and Corporate Board Member uncovers talent vulnerability at the top. Is your board prepared for senior-level departures? Survey says: Get ready. Boards are facing a potentially daunting challenge: an upsurge in executive turnover…

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Hanes Brands Inc sign outside facility

Slice and Dice Company Data on New ESG Tracker™

No longer are we tracking whether companies are using ESG measures but how? Farient Advisors’ ESG Tracker™ now provides insights into executive incentive plans for all-size companies and industries. At this moment when it seems attention on ESG issues—both from proponents and opponents—is at an all-time high,…

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In the News

100000th chrysler pacifica on the factory line, signifying auto CEOs

Auto CEOs Make 300 Times What Workers Make. How That Stacks Up.—Wall Street Journal

Amid the ongoing UAW strike, pay ratios at the Big Three automakers—which are larger than in most large companies—are under scrutiny. In this Wall Street Journal article, Farient founder and CEO Robin Ferracone brings context to why these ratios are so high. According to Ferracone, the size of a company…

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