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red car on the road in los angeles with hollywood sign in the background studio executive pay

WGA blasts studio executive pay in message to Comcast, Netflix shareholders—Los Angeles Times

WGA blasts studio executive pay in message to Comcast, Netflix shareholders—Los Angeles Times With Hollywood entertainment companies under fire from organized labor, investors also might be scrutinizing what they’re paying top executives. This Los Angeles Times article “WGA blasts studio executive pay in message to Comcast, Netflix…

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cathedral dome in background with glass buildings on either side in foreground, signifying pay disclosure

Don’t Miss the Mark on Pay Disclosure—Directors & Boards

Don’t Miss the Mark on Pay Disclosure—Directors & Boards A poorly communicated pay disclosure can ruin your whole proxy season. In this Q&A with Directors & Boards, Farient’s Trey Poore delves into the most common mistakes boards make when communicating executive compensation decisions to investors—and how to avoid them (as…

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large room with checkered floor and green plants and glass roof

The Keys to Impactful Executive Compensation Programs from Robin Ferracone—ESG Decoded Podcast

Farient Advisors CEO Robin Ferracone is an astute chronicler of the evolving trends and best practices in executive compensation and governance. Most recently, these have included the linkage of executive pay with performance on sustainability issues such as climate and diversity. But as she discusses in this episode of the…

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overhead shot of factory emitting greenhouse gas emissions on climate

Incentivizing Climate Action: Exec Pay Increasingly Tied to GHG Emissions

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) missed its own April 2023 deadline to issue a final rule on climate change disclosure. The rule, originally proposed in March 2022, would require publicly listed companies to disclose greater information around their climate risks including annual data on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,…

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glass highrise building with cotton candy skies in background, signifying climate

Climate Resolutions See Sustained Support, Despite ESG Backlash—Agenda

Investor support for climate-related proxy resolutions hasn’t waned, in spite of escalating political attacks on ESG-related initiatives. Farient ESG Leader Brian Bueno tells Agenda that large investors are taking a balanced approach. Read more   About Brian Bueno…

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corner of riverside, cityscape in the background

Investor Support for Say on Pay Shows Tentative Uptick—Agenda

With 2022 on the books as a low point for investor approval of executive pay, 2023 promises a revival of shareholder support. According to this Agenda article featuring Farient CEO and founder Robin Ferracone, companies are engaging investors to address concerns over pay and performance. Since shareholder support is never…

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low angle shot of foot bridge with capitol building in the distance with purple sunset

PvP Tracker™ Shows Corporate Preference for Tables Over Narrative

One month into tracking pay versus performance (PvP) disclosures by S&P 500 companies, trends worthy of reporting have begun to emerge in how the largest public companies are tackling this new requirement. The short analysis for now: Tables win. When our team launched the Farient PvP Tracker™,…

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night time city buildings with circular building in background

Don’t Cry. Don’t Curse. Just Deliver the Bad News, Experts Say—Agenda

Companies facing tough times need to ensure top executives are facing the same challenges as other employees, says Farient CEO Robin Ferracone in this Agenda article. Recent controversies around executives failing to show empathy are not just about bad communication and PR; a company’s compensation program needs to fluctuate in…

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private jet wing and turbine, signifying perks

Which CEOs Took Home the Biggest Perks in 2022?—P&C Specialist

Private jets and club memberships might still be part of some CEOs’ compensation, but perks like this have long been in decline as investors scrutinize benefits and insist on tying pay to equity. In this article in P&C Specialist, a Financial Times publication focusing on the insurance…

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overhead view of racing traffic on the road

Compensation Committees Caught in the Middle As Pay Collides with Governance

The need to attract, retain, and appropriately compensate top talent sometimes results in tension and even outright conflict. Compensation committees, particularly those serving large-cap companies under scrutiny, are caught in the middle of this “collision course.” Investors are increasingly concerned about corporate sustainability, including the well-being of the workforce and…

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woman playing violin in orchestra Compensation Committees Caught in the Middle

Farient Briefings: Compensation Committees Caught in the Middle As Pay Collides with Governance

Compensation Committees Caught in the Middle As Pay Collides with Governance Competition to attract, retain, and develop executive talent often puts pay programs in conflict with the principles of good corporate governance. Farient Advisors has been studying this “collision course” and has some advice for compensation committees…

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the oculus in new york city, signifying Farient's tracker

Tracker offers investors new information on pay vs. performance—Pensions & Investments

What you need to know, when you need know it: Farient Advisor’s PvP Tracker™ enables Pay vs. Performance data to be sliced, diced, and compared across the S&P 500. This article from Pensions and Investments quotes Farient ESG Leader Brian Bueno on the broader implications of the…

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