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Farient Briefings: SEC’s PvP Rule Spurs Confusion

  In the News Advisors to SEC: Postpone the PvP Rule, Please – Agenda In an interview with Agenda, Farient’s Marc Hodak says that despite the SEC trying to limit distortions in the disclosure with the recently passed pay-versus-performance (PVP) rule, confusion and frustration will likely…

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DEI Goals Diversity Equity Inclusion

Executive Pay Increasingly Tied to DEI Goals

Linking DEI goals to exec pay isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite some pushback, tying executive pay to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals rapidly continues. According to new Farient research, more than one out of every three S&P 500 companies now factor DEI into compensation, sending a signal of…

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Advisors to SEC: Postpone the PvP Rule, Please – Agenda

In an interview with Agenda, Farient’s Marc Hodak says that despite the SEC trying to limit distortions in the disclosure with the recently passed pay-versus-performance (PVP) rule, there is still a strong likelihood of unintended consequences. Companies subject to SEC regulations are for the 2023 proxy season required to comply…

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Farient Briefings: How to Navigate the New Rules of Executive Comp

Farient Briefings How to Navigate the New Rules of Executive Comp   Farient professionals are helping boards and management navigate new rules and challenges. In three recent articles – the Financial Times, Reuters, and Directors & Boards – Farient’s ESG Leader, Brian Bueno discusses the…

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ESG activists see executive pay as tool for raising standards – Financial Times

As ESG activists and investors seek to hold companies accountable on issues like climate, diversity, equity and inclusion, and human rights, they are increasingly using a crucial tool: executive compensation. This Financial Times article, which quotes Farient ESG Leader Brian Bueno, explores the trend and how it is taking shape…

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New SEC rule could shed some light on executive pay – Pensions & Investments

A new SEC rule on Pay vs. Performance disclosure, a delayed part of the decade-old Dodd-Frank act, requires companies to report on whether executive compensation is appropriately linked with company performance. According to Farient’s Marc Hodak, however, the rule could lead investors to become misinformed about…

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More Executives Could See Their Compensation Tied to ESG Goals if SEC Finalizes Climate Disclosure Rules – Reuters

With the US Securities and Exchange Commission set to finalize a rule on climate disclosure this Fall, we may be looking at a shift in prevalence and specificity around ESG goals becoming tied to executive compensation, says Farient’s Brian Bueno in this Reuters article. With more…

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ESG Measures Are Gaining Prominence in Executive Compensations Plans – Directors & Boards

Despite some recent pushback, signs point to a continued emphasis on sustainability issues for investors, including tying ESG measures to executive pay, says Farient’s Brian Bueno. In this Q&A with Directors & Boards, Brian discusses the emerging and ongoing trends in this space and what boards…

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Farient Briefings: Out with the Old, In with the News

Farient Briefings Out with the Old, In with the News   Introducing our newly tuned email newsletter, Farient Briefings—where we will be making our Briefings briefer and more timely. As the executive compensation landscape evolves, we’ll hit all the right notes in your inbox. In…

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Gensler’s SEC Approves Pay Versus Performance Disclosure

Amendment Takes a Prescriptive Approach to Rulemaking   The disclosure of linkage between executive compensation and financial performance is the thrust of a new pay versus performance disclosure rule approved on Thursday, August 25, by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In effect for the…

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San Diego CEOs Ring Up Hefty Pay Gains Driven by Stock Compensation – San Diego Union-Tribune

CEO pay packages for companies in San Diego increased substantially in 2021 – driven by CEO stock options amid a surging equity market as the COVID-19 pandemic abated. In this article by the San Diego Union-Tribune, Farient’s Dayna Harris discusses why stock options remain popular despite falling out of…

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Farient Employees Spotlight Enjoying Time at Offsite

A Binge and Newsworthy Summer Spotlight

August Spotlight Relax & Recharge: Late Summer Watch, Listen, and Read In this spotlight, enjoy a curated list of our recent favorite content as the summer winds down. Spend less time searching and more time learning, thanks to recommendations from our dedicated readers, binge-watchers, and…

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