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The Companies Being Lauded for Their ESG Incentive Efforts—Agenda

What distinguishes a leader from a laggard when it comes to ESG and executive pay? Farient’s ESG Leader Brian Bueno explains to Agenda how the key “leaders” in ESG reporting were selected in “The Companies Being Lauded for Their ESG Incentive Efforts.”…

Read More > 02.22.2023

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Trey Poore, Director Farient Advisors Headshot

Trey Poore Joins Farient Advisors as a Director

Los Angeles, California, February 17, 2023—Farient Advisors, a leading independent executive compensation, performance, and corporate governance consultancy, today announced the appointment of Trey Poore as a Director. In this capacity, Trey manages client relationships, supports Farient’s business development efforts, and oversees project teams.  Specifically, he advises clients…

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a rocket flying up into space with blue sky at the bottom and dark sky on top, signifying moonshot

A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value

A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value Many companies across multiple sectors granted their CEOs uncharacteristically large equity awards in recent years. Among the most well-known examples is Tesla’s 2018 grant to its CEO Elon Musk. This award’s fair value on its grant date was $2.3 billion, with…

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Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards

Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards With pressure on boards to link executive pay to ESG goals likely to increase in 2023, it’s crucial to look at what successful companies have done. Explore the fast-growing need to be in the lead……

Read More > 01.31.2023

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Tech CEOs Could See Pay Drop This Year—Agenda

The headwinds battering the tech sector are spreading to other industries. High-profile CEOs are taking big pay cuts amid staff layoffs. How will this impact 2023 proxy season? In this Agenda article, Farient’s Marc Hodak offers his view. Read more  …

Read More > 01.30.2023

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CEO Wealth Dropped 20% Last Year — Here’s Who Lost the Most—Agenda

With market turmoil over the past year depressing equity values and impacting equity-based CEO pay, boards may consider revisiting compensation plans with an eye on retaining chief executives. Not surprising, shareholders who have also seen a decline in the value of their shares may be inclined to object to any…

Read More > 01.27.2023

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NACD BoardTalk – Leading Directors and Experts Reflect on 2022, Discuss Top Business Trends to Come

2023 has the potential to be an economically turbulent year—and compensation committees need to be prepared for anything. At NACD’s “Leading Minds of Governance” program in December, board members and top governance experts, including Farient’s Dayna Harris, discussed how compensation committees can put the right pay program in place…

Read More > 01.24.2023


wide shot of farms, fields, and houses with wind turbines and a sunset in the distance, signifying ESG leaders

Executive Compensation: An Analysis Identifies ESG Leaders and Laggards

Understanding what distinguishes corporate leaders from laggards in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) realm provides important guidance on emerging best practices for boards. In this fast-moving arena, Farient Advisors identified a small group of companies who stand out as leaders in incorporating stakeholder measures into their executive compensation plans.

Read More > 01.19.2023

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Iceberg melting into water with mountains and blue sky in the background, signifying ESG

Investors’ resolve to forge ahead with ESG goals deepens for 2023—Pensions & Investments

Increased economic uncertainty and an anti-ESG backlash in 2022 has not led to investors demanding less action on stakeholder issues like climate, diversity, equity and inclusion, and human capital. In this article in Pensions & Investments, Farient’s ESG Leader Brian Bueno, citing data from our recent report…

Read More > 01.11.2023

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Last Stop: 19,341 Feet

There is a running joke among people who know me: Don’t invite me on a trip unless you are serious. I will call the airline within five minutes of the discussion, navigate hotels, and highlight the top 10 things to do anywhere in the world. So, in July of…

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Welcome to 2023: ESG & employees still win even in economic uncertainty—Reuters

Even amid economic uncertainty, stakeholder issues remain paramount for businesses. In this Reuters article, which reports five major ESG trends for the year ahead, Farient ESG Leader Brian Bueno is quoted on the rising importance of the “S” in ESG: the emphasis on social issues like worker wellbeing, pay equity…

Read More > 01.04.2023

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the ocean on the left side meets the beach on the right side, signifying ESG

More Companies Link Executive Pay to ESG Measures, Survey Finds—Corporate Secretary

The use of stakeholder metrics in executive compensation by companies worldwide increased, according to our report, 2023 Global Trends in Stakeholder Incentives: The Staying Power of ESG. What are the latest trends and how are stakeholder issues being addressed by boards in pay packages? In this interview with Corporate Secretary, Farient’s ESG…

Read More > 01.03.2023

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