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Image of open book on beach. Beautiful horizon. Read, Watch, Listen.

Relax & Recharge: Late Summer Watch, Listen, and Read

The shore. The mountains. Travel. Downtime. It’s the summer of 2022. What are you reading, watching, listening to? We informally surveyed a group of dedicated readers, binge-watchers, and podcast aficionados to curate our own definitive and must read list of lists. Consider this an ice-filled…

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Executive Pay advisors working at desk with computers and statistic sheets

Companies Swallow $2.1 Billion in Taxes as Executive Pay Climbs – The Wall Street Journal

The ending of tax breaks for executive compensation in 2017 has led to spiraling tax bills for corporations, according to this Wall Street Journal article. But Farient CEO and founder Robin Ferracone, quoted within, says this is a “drop in the bucket” for companies as they navigate a competitive…

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Point of view of looking up at sky scrapers and cloudy day, symbolizing cloudy atmosphere for Compensation Committees.

NACD BoardTalk – How Compensation Committees Are Battling Uncertainty, Talent Woes

How are compensation committees addressing economic uncertainty and the fierce competition to attract and retain top executive talent? This question was the topic of an NACD event earlier this year featuring Lori Miller, Partner at Farient Advisors, and other esteemed experts in executive compensation. Lori discussed how committees are…

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Blue skies, green grass, and many rows of solar panels - investors watch for greenwashing

Agenda – Investors Scrutinize ESG-Linked Pay and Some Say No Way

As more environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals have been linked to executive pay, investors have become more likely to scrutinize pay packages that may involve “greenwashing” – potentially misleading information on these issues. In this Agenda article that cites recent examples, Farient data on Say-on-Pay votes is referenced…

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Say on Pay ESG meeting

Pensions & Investments – Investors push companies for specific ESG actions

This year’s proxy season has seen a notable jump in low Say-on-Pay votes. According to Farient data, the percentage of companies receiving less than 90% support for executive pay proposals increased to 30.2%, up from 17.9% in 2018. In this Pensions & Investments article, which focuses on how investor concerns…

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Point of view looking up at city skyscrapers and the American Flag July 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight

July 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight

July 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight: View Farient’s exclusive analysis of Executive Compensation trends in our monthly Comp & Gov View Farient’s exclusive analysis in our Comp & Gov Spotlight newsletter:…

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Board Meeting Say-on-Pay

Agenda – Director Support Drops After So-So Say-on-Pay Votes

Investors who repeatedly express dissatisfaction over pay-for-performance alignment are beginning to vote against directors, according to this article in Agenda which cites Farient data and Eric Hoffmann, who leads the Farient Information Services and the Data Analytics Team (DAT). The likelihood of investors turning against directors increases dramatically after…

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Eric Hoffmann Farient Headshot

Investor Dissatisfaction on Executive Pay Continues to Rise This Proxy Season

With more investors voting “no” on Say on Pay (SOP) than ever before… The number of large-cap companies that have received votes of 70 percent or below is on track to be the largest since SOP was implemented in 2011. In this Farient Brief, Eric Hoffmann analyzes the state of…

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POV looking up at skyscrapers and U.S. Flag - signifying executive pay U.S. investors rebel

Financial Times – U.S. investors rebel against high executive pay

Financial Times – U.S. investors rebel against high executive pay This year’s proxy season has seen a significant decline in support for compensation packages in Say on Pay votes, highlighting U.S. investors’ dissatisfaction with record high executive pay in the U.S. This Financial Times article”U.S. investors rebel against high…

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Beautiful sunset in background of a field with wind turbines

S&P Global – Why Voluntary CEO Pay Cuts, While Largely Symbolic, Matter in ESG Context

CEOs and management teams at dozens of companies around the world are taking voluntary pay cuts as their companies lay off workers to cope with the revenue hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

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In the News

Bloomberg – Amazon Shareholders Narrowly Approve Pay Plans for Executives

In spite of being urged to vote “no” on CEO Andy Jassy’s pay package, Amazon’s shareholders narrowly approved it in a Say on Pay vote for their new pay plans. In this Bloomberg article, data from the Farient Advisors Say on Pay Tracker™ is cited to help put…

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May 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov

View the Newsletter via the link below: May Newsletter – The Latest in Comp & Gov TweetShare…

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