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From Proxy Advisor to Comp Consultant: Trey Poore Joins Farient

Trey Poore recently joined Farient Advisors as a Director, where he manages client relationships, supports business development efforts, and oversees project teams. Specifically, Trey advises clients on corporate governance and executive compensation matters and helps design executive pay-for-performance plans that align with stakeholder interests. In the following…

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New Guidance from Big Investors, Proxy Advisors Shows Commitment to ESG Goals

As US companies prepare for this year’s proxy season, which includes complying with new SEC Pay…

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Corporate boards under pressure this proxy season after active 2022 period—Pensions & Investments

All eyes are on PvP. In this Pensions & Investments article, Farient Partner Marc Hodak says PvP will arm shareholders with information needed for Say-on-Pay challenges. Likewise, it also gives companies and their boards a chance to explain how they arrived at their comp decisions.

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First Round of PvP Disclosures Hits Early Proxies—Agenda

A first look at PvP reporting underscores the importance of a good narrative. Farient Partner Marc Hodak tells Agenda there’s real opportunity to align CEO wealth with positive shareholder return in the new SEC-mandated disclosure rules. Read more   About Marc…

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A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value

A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value A rash of companies have granted their CEOs outrageously sized equity. While “moonshot” plans typically include challenging performance metrics, a crucial question remains: Do they create sustained value for investors?…

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CEOs May Want to Stay on Earth About Moonshot Payouts—Agenda

Investors are growing wary of big, upfront pay awards (dubbed “moonshot” awards or moonshot payouts)—and with good reason. In this Agenda article, Farient Partner Marc Hodak highlights Farient research that showcases how many of these moonshot payouts haven’t added long-term value and created misalignment between management and investors.

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SEC Raises New Hurdles on PvP Disclosure—Agenda

Responding to the SEC’s new rule on the pay-versus-performance disclosure—compensation committees have a unique opportunity to tell a positive story. In this Agenda article, Farient Partner Marc Hodak highlights how the new disclosure rule can be useful to investors and companies to dig deeper on comp practices and decisions.

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The Companies Being Lauded for Their ESG Incentive Efforts—Agenda

What distinguishes a leader from a laggard when it comes to ESG and executive pay? Farient’s ESG Leader Brian Bueno explains to Agenda how the key “leaders” in ESG reporting were selected in “The Companies Being Lauded for Their ESG Incentive Efforts.”…

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Trey Poore Joins Farient Advisors as a Director

Los Angeles, California, February 17, 2023—Farient Advisors, a leading independent executive compensation, performance, and corporate governance consultancy, today announced the appointment of Trey Poore as a Director. In this capacity, Trey manages client relationships, supports Farient’s business development efforts, and oversees project teams.  Specifically, he advises clients…

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A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value

A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value Many companies across multiple sectors granted their CEOs uncharacteristically large equity awards in recent years. Among the most well-known examples is Tesla’s 2018 grant to its CEO Elon Musk. This award’s fair value on its grant date was $2.3 billion, with…

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Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards

Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards With pressure on boards to link executive pay to ESG goals likely to increase in 2023, it’s crucial to look at what successful companies have done. Explore the fast-growing need to be in the lead……

Read More > 01.31.2023

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Tech CEOs Could See Pay Drop This Year—Agenda

The headwinds battering the tech sector are spreading to other industries. High-profile CEOs are taking big pay cuts amid staff layoffs. How will this impact 2023 proxy season? In this Agenda article, Farient’s Marc Hodak offers his view. Read more  …

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