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To ensure that our clients have the most relevant and current market data, Farient Advisors created a comprehensive suite of pay trackers.

These trackers provide continuously updated, interactive information “at a glance” and can be sliced and diced by company, size, and industry to provide insights for executives, boards of directors, investors, and other stakeholders.


ESG Tracker™

Farient’s ESG Tracker™ joins our suite of tools that gives users the ability to slice and dice data by industry or company size. Now users can quickly analyze trends in ESG incentive measures sourced from publicly disclosed data for large-, mid-, and small-cap companies. Companies continue to adopt ESG or “stakeholder” incentive measures at a rapid pace to better align executive compensation with performance and address expectations from investors and other stakeholders. Farient's ESG Tracker™ provides comprehensive, timely data on how companies of all sizes and in all industries incorporate ESG incentives. Use the interactive modules below to analyze the prevalence of ESG measures by company size and industry and the types of measures being used. Check back frequently for newly published ESG Spotlights on companies that have adopted ESG metrics in a meaningful way for their stakeholders.

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Farient PVP Tracker Piano Tuner Data suite

PvP Tracker™

Farient’s PvP Tracker™ provides a comprehensive analysis of SEC-mandated Pay vs. Performance disclosures for Russell 3000 companies. This tool provides quantitative insights into the relationship between compensation actually paid (CAP) and financial performance. Through this analysis, the PvP Tracker™ identifies trends in pay and performance alignment, comparing CAP for CEOs in the Russell 3000 against grant-date summary compensation table (SCT) values and total shareholder return (TSR). The tool also highlights the top 10 highest and lowest-paid CEOs by sector based on CAP.

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Pay Ratio Tracker™

The Farient Pay Ratio Tracker™ monitors and aggregates the CEO Pay Ratio for S&P 1500 and Russell 3000 companies. Summary results are available in an easily accessible, reader-friendly visualization. The Pay Ratio Tracker contains all companies that have disclosed their pay ratio, with updates available as new ratios are released.

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Say on Pay Tracker™

The Farient Say on Pay Tracker monitors and aggregates Say on Pay results, providing a summary of SOP votes with easy-to-access and easy-to-read tables that contain all companies with SOP votes of <50% and 50-80%.

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Wealth Tracker™

How much did the CEO really make last year? Last month? Last week? Their salary and incentive plan awards often tell only a small part of the story. For many top executives, their personal wealth is far more impacted by the value of their company shares than by their disclosed total pay.

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CEO Pay Tracker™

How much pay is too much? How much do top CEOs get paid? Which CEOs saw the largest increase in compensation from 2020 to 2021? Farient's CEO Pay Tracker™ l highlights the most current CEO compensation payouts for companies in the Russell 3000. Now, directors, the corporate governance community, and executives can stay current and slice and dice all aspects of CEO compensation.

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