Compensation Committee

Setting the Stage

 We advise compensation committees on how to maximize their effectiveness within the standards of good governance. It’s all about laying the groundwork for what comes next.

Best Practices Start Here

Farient believes that a key role of compensation is to focus executives on those factors that will have the greatest impact on creating value for stakeholders. We believe compensation programs need to be both tailored to the company’s business strategy and in keeping with best practice norms. Program measures and goals should be transparent and readily explainable to shareholders and other stakeholders.

This service includes:

Issues prioritization

Diagnosis of issues to determine top strategic priorities.

Compensation committee calendar and agendas

Incorporation of priority issues into the annual planning calendar and placement of all committee topics in meetings throughout the year. Thorough preparation of meeting agendas with time allocations noted.

Compensation Top Sheet™

A summary of compensation philosophy, peer group, program design, and equity spending on one handy reference sheet.

Compensation committee processes

Provide guidance on committee protocols, e.g., the need for prep meetings, executive sessions, the resources required, and other protocols.

Oversight of ESG priorities

Outline board oversight responsibilities of ESG and determine which ones should be “owned” by the compensation committee.

We’re Here for You

Let us know how we can help you think differently about executive compensation and its alignment with performance.

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