• A New View of Stakeholder Incentives

    The beat goes on. The language may change but corporate commitment to sustainability holds fast, according to Farient’s new report—2024 Global Trends in Stakeholder Incentives: What’s Next?

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  • Farient Advisors Acquires Rem.n

    Seamless integration of two leading compensation and governance firms to strengthen capabilities and reinforce global market presence.

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  • Executive Compensation Consulting

    Like musicians hitting the perfect notes, executive compensation requires the finesse of a fine orchestra, and each instrument needs to perform at its optimal best.

    We are experts in executive compensation, performance, environmental, social, and governance consulting. Our professionals have provided innovative compensation solutions to clients for more than 30 years. We are your global experts in linking compensation to talent development, succession, and aligning investor and stakeholder interests.

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  • The Overture of Compensation: Pay and Performance Alignment

    Nothing hits a crescendo like compensation headlines in the news. Highly paid doesn’t mean over paid. Farient Advisors wrote the definitive book on pay and performance alignment.

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  • Stakeholder Incentives: The New Baseline for Investors

    Investors care about stakeholders and boards and management need to care about them, too. Stakeholders may stand alone or be part of an ensemble. They want to be heard irrespective of where a firm is on its journey to define and reach ESG goals.

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  • High Notes and Low Notes:
    Why Is Goal Setting So Hard?

    Of all the design features of compensation, goal setting has the most significant impact on alignment. Striking the right chord between measures and goals is essential to motivate executives and be accretive to investors and other stakeholders. Farient Advisors’ experienced perspectives make striking that goal-setting chord less of a challenge.

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  • The Ultimate Movement: Transactions

    Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, spin-off, pre- or post-IPO, or SPAC transaction, we’ve been there and done that. We understand how executive compensation, change-in-control provisions, and other dynamics can impact a transaction. And, in fast-paced transactions such as IPOs and SPACs no one wants the newly minted millionaires walking out the door.

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  • Pitch Perfect: Strategic Communications

    Farient Advisors knows how to communicate the compensation governance narrative to our clients’ constituencies—including shareholders and other stakeholders, proxy advisors, and the press. Director and say on pay votes—and possibly soon, say on climate—are becoming de facto sounding boards for all-things ESG.

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About Farient Advisors

Founded in 2007, Farient Advisors is a leading independent compensation, performance, and governance consultancy dedicated to assisting clients in designing and delivering executive compensation programs that support their business objectives, talent strategy, and value creation platforms, and are consistent with standards of good governance.

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Our Approach

Farient Advisors tailors our approach to clients’ specific needs. Our consultants ask pointed questions about business strategy, stakeholder needs, and the overarching strategic goals of our client’s company to help determine the alignment of pay and performance that best serves their interests.

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Our Clients

Farient Advisors’ clients run the gamut from the largest publicly traded global companies to private equity firms, family-owned businesses, and private companies. Across industries, we bring independent, reliable, and transparent advice on executive compensation, performance, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.


Latest Insights

  • Musk Effect Drives Spread of Supersize CEO Pay Packages—Wall Street Journal

    Farient ESG Leader, Brian Bueno, discusses the rise in “moonshot awards” for Elon Musk and other high-profile CEOs. Tesla’s 2018 CEO compensation package aroused controversy over its sheer size, but it’s among many examples of such “moonshot awards” that hold out the promise of huge payouts for meeting specific performance…

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  • Caps Off to Devon Furlong

    Among the 2024 graduating class of Columbia’s MBA program is Farient Advisors’ Devon Furlong. Farient Founder and CEO Robin A. Ferracone applauded Furlong’s achievement and commended her for taking advantage of Farient’s educational program, which matches dollar for dollar the cost of an MBA: “This is…

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  • Farient Briefings May 2024: Comp Committees’ Remit Stretches Oversight Boundaries

    Beyond Pay: Comp Committees’ Remit Stretches Oversight Boundaries   It’s no longer just about pay. In the ever-evolving corporate governance landscape, the remit of compensation committees is at a tipping point, says Farient Partner and COO RJ Bannister. In this interview, Bannister expands on the operational skills, practices,…

    May 15, 2024 Read more >

Connect With Us

Contact us for more information on how we can help your compensation committee reduce complexity, navigate pay and performance alignment, and enhance shareholder and stakeholder communications strategies.

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  • Farient’s recommendations on goal-setting methodology really took us to a new level.

    – CEO of publicly traded client

  • Farient has really helped us raise our game.

    – Compensation Committee Chair of Fortune 500 client

  • Your insights about the industry really helped us think about strategy, not just compensation.

    – CEO of privately-held client

  • Farient is helping us run the best Compensation Committee meetings we’ve ever had.

    – Compensation Committee member of publicly-traded client

  • Farient designed highly impactful incentive compensation arrangements for several of our portfolio companies. They get the job done quickly, thoughtfully and efficiently. Lots of substance and no fluff.

    – Managing Director, private equity firm


What if many of the data comparisons you need were in one place? Now they are. Our proprietary suite of Trackers put you one click away from aggregated proxy information. Slice and dice by company size and industry to gain quick insights into your company, industry, and peers.  The Tracker suite includes our Say on Pay Tracker (™), CEO Pay Ratio Tracker(™), Wealth Tracker(™), and introducing our CEO Pay Tracker(™) and ESG Tracker(™).

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