Compensation Strategy and Philosophy

Pay Philosophy That Begins With Values and Culture

Our team develops compensation frameworks that consider each company’s business strategy, values, and culture. We have a deep understanding of how executive pay translates into performance. That’s why the pay programs we design for our clients are sensitive to both the strategy of the organization and value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders.

Finely Tuned Advice

Compensation should be inextricably linked to business and talent strategy. This helps to ensure that executives are focused on those activities that sustain the business over the long haul. By now, most companies have learned that a one-size-fits-all approach to pay just doesn’t work. But how can companies guarantee that they are, in fact, linking pay design to business strategy and talent development, and not just designing programs to skate under the radar?

This service includes:

Compensation framework

We analyze each company’s business model, economics, competitive context, leadership needs, and ambitions to inform and develop the compensation strategy.

Analysis of leadership and succession

Our team develops explicit ways in which the compensation programs and administrative decisions support the leadership, talent development, and succession needs of the business.

Global compensation strategy

For companies that operate around the world, we design compensation strategies that consider the need for global cohesion as well as local relevance.

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Let us know how we can help you think differently about executive compensation and its alignment with performance.

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