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All Aspects of ESG Initiatives are Top of Mind for Boards and Stakeholders

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)  initiatives continue to be a hot-button issue for investors, stakeholders, and boards of directors, all of whom want a better understanding of what to measure and over what period of time. Our team has spent considerable time analyzing which companies use ESG measures and exactly what measures they are using.

To provide the most current information on ESG initiatives in compensation plans, the ESG Tracker™ is part of our suite of proprietary tools. The ESG Tracker allows user to slice and dice how S&P 500 companies are disclosing the use of ESG measures in their 2022 proxies.

The ESG Tracker provides quick insights into how sectors use ESG measures and what measures are most prevalent. Click on a specific sector to see which measures are most prevalent in your industry. Each week through the proxy season, the ESG Tracker will include an “ESG Spotlight” (see below) on a company disclosing ESG measures in a particularly interesting way.

Check back frequently for updates during proxy season. We look forward to providing the corporate governance community with regular snapshots of ESG disclosures and the changing landscape of stakeholder incentives.

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