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Compensation Committee Process

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Making changes when things are not working.

The Issue

Good processes not only lead to better decisions but also a better record that the Compensation Committee engaged in the appropriate discussions.  But even the most basic processes often are steeped in tradition and culture, and can be difficult to change.  Usually, Compensation Committee members know when the process is totally broken, it is more difficult to pinpoint how processes can be merely improved.  How can and should your Compensation Consultant help ensure that your company is best-in-class when it comes to process?

Farient’s Point of View

From our experience in seeing good processes in action, we believe good processes do lead to better decisions.  What are the characteristics of a good process?  They are planned, informed (i.e., fact-based), and collaborative.  And while collaborative doesn’t mean that everyone gets their way, it does mean that the right inputs were gathered and heard.  Why is this important?  Because when the right decisions are made right, they are defensible and they stick.

How Farient can Help

From the moment we engage with our continuity clients, we follow our own disciplined processes, and also review the processes of our clients with an eye toward providing input into these processes, if warranted.  As a way to formally engage with our clients, we set up key process materials, including an Annual Compensation Planning Calendar; a Roles Matrix, in which we outline the roles of the Board, the Compensation Committee, management, and the consultant; an Executive Top SheetTM, which contains a one-page summary of the client’s compensation strategy, peer group, incentive plans, and share usage.  We also calendar all key dates, including Compensation Committee meetings, and reviews with management and the Compensation Committee Chair.  For those we serve on a project basis, we adhere to disciplined work plans and deliver accordingly.  We encourage you to follow your instincts.  If you feel your process isn’t quite right, it’s time to talk to Farient.