Executive Compensation Consultants Serving Public and Private Companies Worldwide.

Public Companies

Farient Advisors routinely works with public companies to provide independent, reliable, comprehensive, and transparent advice on executive compensation and its link to performance.

These advisory services are delivered within the context of each client’s strategy for creating shareholder value, and are sensitive to the regulatory, shareholder, and external market environment as well.

In addition to our Advisory Services, Public companies recognize Farient Advisors and Farient Information Services as the Pay for Performance experts. Working closely with both companies and major investors, Farient brings a unique expertise to understanding pay for performance alignment issues. We believe there is a growing convergence on pay for performance alignment, and have developed an approach to assessing alignment that provides clear and insightful analysis while also being intuitive and simple to use. Both investors and corporations have endorsed Farient’s Performance Alignment Assessments as providing a valuable and needed pay for performance analysis.