Proxy Season 2014: The Power to Predict Pay

July 20, 2016

Pay for Performance Alignment promises to be a hot topic this proxy season.  Without reading every proxy, how do you know if pay and performance are really aligned?

With access to Farient ratings and research directly from the ISS ProxyExchange platform, it’s never been easier to consider multiple viewpoints on compensation and pay for performance. This powerful solution enables your team to efficiently and effectively evaluate those companies that may have systemic pay for performance issues.

This complimentary webinar will provide an overview of Farient pay for performance alignment ratings and methodology, and show you how Farient research can be used in conjunction with ISS compensation research and ISS QuickScore to screen for companies in need of say on pay reviews, evaluate alignment, and inform proxy voting decisions. Through ISS’ single gateway for proxy voting decision-making and vote execution, you can quickly and easily bring this insight into your proxy voting workflows.

Using Farient Performance Alignment Reports and ISS ProxyExchange, proxy season can be easier and better.


  • Matthew Newman, Executive Director, ISS
  • Eric Hoffmann, Vice President, Farient Advisors LLC

Visit the event page to register.

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