Evolving Roles: New Challenges for Talent and Compensation Oversight

January 10, 2024

Evolving Roles: New Challenges for Talent and Compensation Oversight | NACD New York

January 24  |  New York, NY

12:00—12:30 pm ET – Registration and Lunch

12:30—2:00 pm ET – Program

2:00—2:30 pm ET – Optional Connect with Colleagues

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the role of the board in setting talent and compensation strategy is evolving. More and more, Compensation Committees are actively involved in reviewing and shaping the overall strategy to attract, retain and motivate top talent.

Compensation Committees and the full Board are also on notice to comply with pending regulations and legislation around HCM, cyber, pay vs performance and claw backs. They are also immersed in DEI, succession planning, and minimizing turnover. Indeed, talent vulnerability has become a very hot topic with companies looking at unique ways to retain talent they recruited and developed.

Join Farient Partner and COO R.J. Bannister, and your director peers, for an interactive discussion on how companies are addressing these important issues.

Key questions for this discussion include:

  • How is the board’s role evolving around talent management and talent vulnerability?
  • What are some of the key legal issues that Compensation Committees face in today’s talent management environment?
  • How can Compensation Committees best assess and manage corporate risk and promote good governance in the compensation context?
  • Does your company have holding power over top talent?
  • How should Compensation Committees address recent regulatory (FTC) and legislative steps to remove/minimize non-competition protections for companies?

For more information on the session, please contact us at info@farient.com

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