July 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight

July 6, 2022

July 2022: The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight

The Latest in Comp & Gov Spotlight: View Farient’s exclusive analysis of Executive Compensation trends in our monthly Comp & Gov

View Farient’s exclusive analysis in our Comp & Gov Spotlight newsletter:

Investor Dissatisfaction On Executive Pay Continues to Rise This Proxy Season


Investor Dissatisfaction on Executive Pay Continues to Rise This Proxy Season

With more investors voting “no” on Say on Pay (SOP) than ever before, the number of large-cap companies that have received votes of 70 percent or below is on track to be the largest since SOP was implemented in 2011. In this Farient Brief, Eric Hoffmann analyzes the state of SOP this proxy season. Hoffmann, who leads Farient Information Services and the Data Analytics Team (DAT), has more than 25 years of technology and data analytics experience in executive compensation. Hoffmann dives into the data to tell a story of increased investor revolt over pay – and provides key action steps for boards to address investor concerns to avoid a high-profile SOP failure in the future.


Financial Times – US investors rebel against high executive pay

This year’s proxy season has seen a significant decline in support for compensation packages in Say on Pay votes, highlighting investor dissatisfaction with record high executive pay in the U.S. This Financial Times article, which uses Farient data to explore the trend, discusses the reasons for and implications of investor revolts over compensation.

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