PvP Tracker ™ Shows Corporate Preference for Tables Over Narrative

May 10, 2023

Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards

PvP Tracker ™ Shows Corporate Preference for Tables Over Narrative

One month into tracking Pay vs. Performance (PvP) disclosures by S&P 500 companies, trends worthy of reporting have begun to emerge in how the largest public companies are tackling this new requirement. The short analysis for now: Tables win. Read more about what our PvP Tracker ™ shows:

PvP Tracker™ Shows Corporate Preference for Tables Over Narrative

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From Our Canadian GECN Partner

Early market trends gleaned from a sample of “early filers”—including nine S&P/TSX 60 companies—indicate a challenging year for many Canadian companies and vary by sector. One industry standout, however, was Energy which, like its American counterparts, showed a strong recovery given positive commodity markets.

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Farient In the News

Investor Support for Say on Pay Shows Tentative Uptick—Agenda

Say-on-Pay support has so far rebounded this proxy season, but shareholder support isn’t guaranteed. To maintain this reversal in Say-on-Pay support, Farient CEO Robin Ferracone tees up some effective comp plan tactics to address common stakeholder concerns in this Agenda article. Birdies, not bogies.

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Which CEOs Took Home the Biggest Perks in 2022?—P&C Specialist

Traditional perks like private jets and club memberships are increasingly rare.

In P&C Specialist, Farient’s Eric Hoffmann explains why equity awards supersede these once-common perks for directors and officers.

Spoiler alert: Stakeholders increasingly demand pay-and-performance alignment (little surprise).

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Manhattan Pool Sharks

PvP Tracker™ Shows Corporate Preference for Tables Over Narrative

The New York Athletic Club was the setting for Farient’s spring fling—an all-staff celebration of 2022 accomplishments and planning for what’s to come in 2023 and beyond. Here, Farient’s Devon Furlong and Angela Moe with spouse Bennett Kenyon take up their cue sticks while Farient Partner RJ Bannister gets ready to hold the table.

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Download “2023 Global Trends in Stakeholder Incentives: The Staying Power of ESG”

Linking executive pay to stakeholder incentives is here to stay. Click the link below to read and download the full report.

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About Farient’s PvP Tracker ™

Farient’s PvP Tracker™ provides a comprehensive analysis of SEC-mandated Pay vs. Performance disclosures for S&P 500 companies. This tool evaluates qualitative aspects such as trends in total shareholder return (TSR) peer groups, company-selected performance measures, and reporting formats, along with quantitative insights into the relationship between compensation actually paid (CAP) and financial performance. Through this analysis, the PvP Tracker™ identifies trends in pay and performance alignment, comparing CAP for CEOs in the S&P 500 against grant-date summary compensation table (SCT) values and TSR. The tool also highlights the top 10 highest and lowest-paid CEOs by sector based on CAP.

About Farient Advisors

Farient Advisors LLC is an independent premier executive compensation, performance, and corporate governance consultancy. Farient provides a full array of services, linking business strategy to compensation through a tailored, analytically rigorous, and collaborative approach. Farient has locations in Los Angeles, New York, Louisville, and Dallas and works with clients globally through its partnership in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN). Farient is a certified diverse company and is recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.


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