The Keys to Impactful Executive Compensation Programs

June 15, 2023

Our Exclusive Analysis of ESG Leaders and Laggards

The Keys to Impactful Executive Compensation Programs

Connecting the dots: In this episode of ClimeCo’s ESG Decoded podcast, Farient founder and CEO Robin A. Ferracone shares the essentials of effective compensation programs with host Kaitlyn Allen. Conversations in boardrooms and committee agendas have changed. Workforce well-being, DEI, succession and talent planning are all topics that are much broader than executive compensation alone, creating new demands on board committees while also increasing the need for greater engagement with stakeholders.

The Keys to Impactful Executive Compensation Programs

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Pride Month Prompts Reflection

Despite backlash to corporate ESG and DEI efforts and recent regressive actions on LGBTQ+ rights in certain U.S. states, most corporations continue to recognize the value of diverse leadership and workforce. In this article, Farient ESG Leader Brian Bueno explores whether progress is being made to advance diversity and inclusion.

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SEC Approves Clawback Listing Standards

The timing of compliance for the SEC’s mandated clawback rules has been given a short extension from August to December. In this FAQ, the Farient team raises the questions—and provides the answers—most on the minds of corporate directors as they consider SEC guidance on claw backs.

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Companies Quiet Diversity and Sustainability Talk Amid Culture War Boycotts

Mentions of social-impact initiatives during earnings calls have declined, reversing a trend that had picked up after the killing of George Floyd in 2020. The WSJ reports that executives at U.S.-listed companies mentioned “environmental, social and governance,” “ESG,” “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” “DEI” or “sustainability” on 575 earnings calls from April 1 to June 5, down 31% from the same period last year, citing data from financial-research platform AlphaSense.

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