Dan Mayfield on ESG Strategy to Drive Long-Term Value

January 26, 2022

Dan Mayfield on ESG Strategy to Drive Long-Term Value. Join Farient Advisors Partner Dan Mayfield for a lively panel on ESG within the context of corporate strategy, and how board members’ roles, levels of accountability, and oversight are expanding. Directors must guide management to be responsive to stakeholders, incorporating DEI while addressing climate-related issues and the path to future net zero requirements. To join the session please contact us at info@farient.com.


About Farient Advisory LLC

Farient Advisors LLC is an independent premier executive compensation, performance, and corporate governance consultancy. Farient provides a full array of services, linking business strategy to compensation through a tailored, analytically rigorous, and collaborative approach. Farient has locations in Los Angeles, New York, Louisville, and Dallas and works with clients globally through its partnership in the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN). Farient is a certified diverse company and is recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.


Farient ESG Tracker

Farient’s ESG Tracker™ joins our suite of tools that gives users the ability to slice and dice data by industry or company size. Now users can quickly analyze trends in ESG incentive measures sourced from publicly disclosed data for large-, mid-, and small-cap companies.

Companies continue to adopt ESG or “stakeholder” incentive measures at a rapid pace to better align executive compensation with performance and address expectations from investors and other stakeholders. Farient’s ESG Tracker™ provides comprehensive, timely data on how companies of all sizes and in all industries incorporate ESG incentives. Learn more

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