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Success Stories: Say on Pay Turnarounds

It’s hard to believe we are more than halfway through the 2013 proxy season and well into the third year of Say on Pay.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal’s CFO Network section included an interview with three respected pros in the area of Corporate Governance: Pat McGurn, Nell…

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Briefs – “How Johnson & Johnson Revamped Its Executive Pay Practices”

In her article, Robin A. Ferracone spotlights how three companies, including Johnson & Johnson, revamped their pay practices for the 2013 proxy season. Read on Forbes…

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2013: Pay For Performance And Supplemental Pay Definitions

Farient Advisors, as fouding co-chair of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Executive Compensation Committee Chair Advisory Board, worked closely with NACD and Advisory Board members to develop pay definitions to establish a common language that companies and boards can use to assess and communicate the link between executive…

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2013: Compensation Committee Chair Advisory Council Summary Of Proceedings

On Nov. 4, 2013, NACD, Farient Advisors, and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher co-hosted the fourth meeting of the Compensation Committee Chair Advisory Council in Washington, D.C. The session brought together compensation committee chairs from Fortune 500 companies with senior leaders from major institutional investors and the Securities and Exchange Commission…

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Agenda – “Groupon Gets Creative With Peer Group”

Robin A. Ferracone discusses the benefits of using static financial metrics that are indicative of a company’s business model when determining peer groups. Read Full Post…

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Agenda – “How Not to Overpay for Outside CEOs”

Agenda – “How Not to Overpay for Outside CEOs” Gary Hourihan provides expert commentary on the best compensation structure when hiring an outside CEOs. Read Full Post…

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Shareholder - Executive Pay in the Pandemic Year

Compliance Week – “Shareholders Are Setting Sights on Big Targets”

Jack Zwingli discusses the rise of shareholder activism, particularly over executive pay. Read Full Post Tweet…

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The Wall Street Journal – “Stock Options Sneak Back Into the Pay Mix – by Another Name”

Farient’s data that nearly half of the companies that issue performance-based stock options use shareholder return as a metric is cited in this article.   Read on The Wall Street Journal…

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Agenda – “Stock Buybacks Boost CEO Pay, Fueling Benchmark Debate“

Farient Advisors CEO Robin A. Ferracone discusses the use of per-share earnings as a performance metric. Read Full Post Tweet…

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Farient Advisors to Provide Daily Say-on-Pay Vote Results

The Farient Pay Tracker is the only resource of its kind that provides daily say-on-pay vote results for Russell 3000 companies, and flags companies with potentially systemic pay-for-performance alignment issues. Read on Business Wire…

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Corporate Secretary – “What’s the best way to calculate pay?”

Performance-Adjusted Compensation, Farient’s proprietary method for calculating pay for performance, is highlighted in this feature. Read Full Post Tweet…

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Corporate Secretary – “Irani ouster at Occidental opens path for reforms”

Jack Zwingli provides commentary on how Irani’s ouster points to larger trends in shareholder activism. Read Full Post Tweet…

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