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Forbes – “Eyes Wide Open On Total Compensation”

Robin A. Ferracone, CEO of Farient Advisors, discusses the effect of interest rate-driven pension changes on CEO pay as 2014 proxy season peaks. Read on Forbes…

Read More > 05.08.2014


May 2014 – NACD Leading Minds of Compensation

Robin A. Ferracone discusses Performance Share Plans at NACD Leading Minds of Compensation 2014. TweetShare…

Read More > 05.05.2014

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The Fiscal Times – The High-Stakes Fight over How to Measure CEO Pay

Robin A. Ferracone and Eric Hoffmann provide commentary for Elliot Blair Smith’s report on how to measure CEO pay. Read on The Fiscal Times Tweet…

Read More > 05.01.2014

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Financier Worldwide – “FORUM: Executive compensation: recent developments and best practices”

Robin A. Ferracone participates in a discussion on executive compensation and best practices. Read Full Post Tweet…

Read More > 05.01.2014

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AOL Money – “Zuckerberg salary crashes to $1 a year”

In a piece exploring Mark Zuckerberg’s pay as Facebook’s CEO, reporter Adrian Holliday quotes Farient Advisors CEO Robin A. Ferracone’s Forbes post on $1 a year CEOs. Read on AOL Money…

Read More > 04.01.2014


Combined Chairman/CEO Roles: Easier Than You Think

In our work with shareholders and boards of directors, one question that has come up more than once in the last few months is “Should the chairman/CEO roles be split?” The common wisdom is that separating the roles serves up a better governance structure for shareholders because it provides…

Read More > 03.11.2014

In the News – “Some Aren’t Waiting for Final Rules on Pay Ratio Disclosures”

Ron Bottano provides commentary on how companies are approaching pay ratio disclosures. Read Full Post Tweet…

Read More > 03.10.2014


highway at night sped up with lights, ceo roles – “Combined Chairman/CEO Roles: Easier Than You Think”

CEO of Farient Advisors Robin A. Ferracone discusses whether the chairman and CEO roles should be split. Read on Forbes   About Robin Ferracone Founder and CEO, Farient Advisors/GECN Group New York: (646) 626-6931…

Read More > 03.05.2014

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low angle shot of a stone statue looking up at a large building with a blue sky in the background - signifying ESG Strategy – “More Taking Extreme Measures to Tie Pay to Performance”

In an article on pay for performance, Jaclyn Jaeger features data from Farient’s Pay Tracker. Read Full Post Tweet…

Read More > 02.19.2014

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Agenda – “In IPOs, Comp Committees Play Major Role”

In an article on the costs of going public from a governance perspective, reporter Kristin Gribben features CEO of Farient Advisors Robin A. Ferracone’s expert commentary. Read Full Post…

Read More > 02.03.2014

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Corporate Secretary – “Predictions: Compensation disclosures for 2014”

Robin A. Ferracone outlines her 2014 predictions on pay-for-performance disclosure, clawback policies and CEO-to-median-employee pay ratio. Read Full Post Tweet…

Read More > 01.29.2014

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Human Resource Executive Online – “Paying Top Performers”

Farient Advisors CEO Robin A. Ferracone discusses how to achieve pay-for-performance during tough economic times. Read Full Post Tweet…

Read More > 01.15.2014

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