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Farient Briefings July 2024: At GECN Group Annual Meeting, PvP, ESG, and Proxy Advisor Issues Dominate

At GECN Group Annual Meeting, PvP, ESG, and Proxy Advisor Issues Dominate   Toronto’s Southlea Group recently hosted the annual meeting of the Global Governance and Executive Compensation (GECN) Group. The five partner firms that constitute the GECN Group work on executive compensation and governance issues with clients in more…

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At GECN Group Annual Meeting, PvP, ESG, and Proxy Advisor Issues Dominate

The very idea of “global governance” was once oxymoronic. Those days are long past, as evidenced by the range of common cross-border policy and practice issues that dominated discussions at the annual meeting of the Global Governance and Executive Compensation (GECN) Group. The annual meeting serves to enrich, inform, and…

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Momentum Shift: DEI Metrics’ Role in Executive Compensation Wanes—HR Executive

The backlash against corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals has impacted executive compensation. In this article in Human Resource Executive, Farient data is cited showing a decline in the use of DEI metrics in pay. In the accompanying interview, Farient’s ESG Leader Brian Bueno delves further into the numbers…

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Tractor Supply Ditches DEI, Climate Goals After Online Attacks—Bloomberg

Though ESG metrics continue to be used by the world’s biggest companies, some firms like Tractor Supply have faced pressure to abandon or re-brand them. Bloomberg reports on a Tractor Supply announcement that it will halt spending on diversity and pride-related initiatives. The article also cites Farient…

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Shareholders OK With Soaring Executive Pay In US—Barron’s

Wider controversy over high CEO pay – especially in high-profile cases like that of Elon Musk – belies the key factor that compensation is typically linked to company performance and that means happy shareholders, according to this article in Barron’s that quotes Farient Partner Marc Hodak. Another…

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Best Buy, J&J, Lazard Among Companies Downplaying DEI Executive Pay Goals—Bloomberg

The “anti-woke” backlash against ESG has come for the use of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals in executive pay, according to this Bloomberg article that cites a data analysis by Farient. But the goals are more evolving than disappearing entirely, says Farient’s ESG Leader, Brian Bueno. “Companies and boards…

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US Executive Pay Rises at Fastest Rate in 15 Years—Financial Times

With US executive pay increasing overall in conjunction with Elon Musk prevailing in getting his historically large compensation package, many are questioning why pay is skyrocketing, according to this Financial Times article by Patrick Temple-West. But according to Farient founder and CEO Robin Ferracone, companies are motivated to pay more…

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Farient Briefings June 2024: What to Read, Watch, Listen to

What to Read, Watch, Listen to   Our annual summer feature returns. Farient colleagues and a plethora of “best” lists were consulted to arrive at this wide-ranging selection of binge-worthy books, films or series, and podcasts. From Sigrid Nunez’s The Vulnerables to the return of Serial to opulent period dramas,…

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Our Annual Roundup of What to Read, Watch, and Listen to

Cue up George Gershwin’s Summertime and read our third annual installment of what to read, watch, and listen to, a rich blend of books, film, and podcast recommendations. This year’s approach was to consult our savviest colleagues and the many “best of” lists. The result? A broad…

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Watch, Listen, Learn: Tesla’s Precedent-Setting ASM

Shareholders at Tesla’s annual meeting this week will vote anew on whether to approve Elon Musk’s 2018 performance-based compensation package. The package was revoked in April after a bench trial in Delaware Chancery Court. In the aftermath of Chancellor Kathaleen St. J. McCormick’s decision, Musk vowed to…

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