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IR Magazine: Governance in 2023: Value(s) Added

With a disorienting combination of factors rattling the economy heading into the 2023 proxy season, investors are ramping up scrutiny of executive pay. In this year-end IR Magazine feature, Farient’s ESG Leader Brian Bueno joins other experts to analyze likely issues including the uncertainty of say-on-pay votes, investor pressure to…

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Six Steps for Adhering to the SEC’s New Clawback Rule

A new SEC rule that toughens the clawback of executive pay deemed to have been awarded under false, misleading, or mistaken circumstances that results in a financial restatement goes into effect in the new year. While some companies have adopted their own clawback policies in anticipation of the rule, others…

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Investors Cry Foul on Emissions Reduction Targets – Agenda

Pressure on boards to verify progress on stated climate goals is—forgive the pun—heating up. Agenda reports that many investors are demanding that boards specify their climate-related performance and explain how executive compensation is aligned with metrics to prove the point. In this article, Farient’s ESG leader, Brian Bueno, provides insight…

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ESG Measures Here to Stay, Farient’s Global Research Finds

For environmental, social, and governance (ESG) measures, it’s been a year of ups and downs. Pushback against ESG by anti-woke detractors has been countered around the globe by stakeholders—including investors and regulators—committed to understanding the relationship between corporate ESG initiatives and actual CEO performance. For a sixth consecutive year, Farient…

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These CEOs Wanted to Be Paid Like Musk. They Failed. – The Information

Elon Musk reaped the benefits of a high-risk, high-reward pay package. Other tech CEOs? Not so much. As the value of tech companies has plummeted, so have the prospects of big awards for hopeful CEOs. In this article, Farient’s Marc Hodak discusses the pay plans aimed at securing the fruits…

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Sneak Peek: New 2023 Research Report Shows ESG’s Staying Power

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) incentives in executive compensation are becoming more prevalent. For a third consecutive year, research from Farient Advisors in conjunction with the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN) finds an increase in the use of stakeholder incentives that demonstrates a commitment to…

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Farient Briefings: Do Performance Shares Really Equal Better Performance?

Farient Briefings Performance Shares Reconsidered Imagine investing over 10 years only in companies that reward executives with time-based equity instead of the more popular performance-based shares or PSUs. You would have outperformed the market by an average of 2% over that time – and…

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Performance Shares Reconsidered

By Marc Hodak Consider an investment strategy of buying shares in companies that compensated their executives only with time-based equity, i.e., restricted stock or stock options and without performance shares. Anyone pursuing that strategy over the last decade would have outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of two percent…

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Farient Briefings: SEC’s PvP Rule Spurs Confusion

  In the News Advisors to SEC: Postpone the PvP Rule, Please – Agenda In an interview with Agenda, Farient’s Marc Hodak says that despite the SEC trying to limit distortions in the disclosure with the recently passed pay-versus-performance (PVP) rule, confusion and frustration will likely…

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DEI Goals Diversity Equity Inclusion

Executive Pay Increasingly Tied to DEI Goals

Linking DEI goals to exec pay isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite some pushback, tying executive pay to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals rapidly continues. According to new Farient research, more than one out of every three S&P 500 companies now factor DEI into compensation, sending a signal of…

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