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New Guidance from Big Investors, Proxy Advisors Shows Commitment to ESG Goals

As US companies prepare for this year’s proxy season, which includes complying with new SEC Pay…

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A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value

A Tug of War: Moonshot Awards vs. Shareholder Value Many companies across multiple sectors granted their CEOs uncharacteristically large equity awards in recent years. Among the most well-known examples is Tesla’s 2018 grant to its CEO Elon Musk. This award’s fair value on its grant date was $2.3 billion, with…

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Executive Compensation: An Analysis Identifies ESG Leaders and Laggards

Understanding what distinguishes corporate leaders from laggards in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) realm provides important guidance on emerging best practices for boards. In this fast-moving arena, Farient Advisors identified a small group of companies who stand out as leaders in incorporating stakeholder measures into their executive compensation plans.

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Tracking CEO Wealth—Who’s Up, Who’s Down

As the stock market goes so goes CEO wealth. A large part of a CEOs’ personal wealth is typically tied to the stock prices of the companies they lead. Thus, the value of CEO-owned stock across the S&P 500—down nearly 20% year to date—has mostly taken a beating. An analysis…

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Six Steps for Adhering to the SEC’s New Clawback Rule

Six Steps for Adhering to the SEC’s New Clawback Rule A new SEC rule that toughens the clawback of executive pay deemed to have been awarded under false, misleading, or mistaken circumstances that results in a financial restatement goes into effect in the new year. While some companies have…

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Sneak Peek: New 2023 Research Report Shows ESG’s Staying Power

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) incentives in executive compensation are becoming more prevalent. For a third consecutive year, research from Farient Advisors in conjunction with the Global Governance and Executive Compensation Group (GECN) finds an increase in the use of stakeholder incentives that demonstrates a commitment to…

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Performance Shares Reconsidered

By Marc Hodak Consider an investment strategy of buying shares in companies that compensated their executives only with time-based equity, i.e., restricted stock or stock options and without performance shares. Anyone pursuing that strategy over the last decade would have outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of two percent…

Read More > 10.27.2022


DEI Goals Diversity Equity Inclusion

Executive Pay Increasingly Tied to DEI Goals

Linking DEI goals to exec pay isn’t going away anytime soon. Despite some pushback, tying executive pay to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals rapidly continues. According to new Farient research, more than one out of every three S&P 500 companies now factor DEI into compensation, sending a signal of…

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Gensler’s SEC Approves Pay Versus Performance Disclosure

Amendment Takes a Prescriptive Approach to Rulemaking   The disclosure of linkage between executive compensation and financial performance is the thrust of a new pay versus performance disclosure rule approved on Thursday, August 25, by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. In effect for the…

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Investor Dissatisfaction on Executive Pay Continues to Rise This Proxy Season

With more investors voting “no” on Say on Pay (SOP) than ever before… The number of large-cap companies that have received votes of 70 percent or below is on track to be the largest since SOP was implemented in 2011. In this Farient Brief, Eric Hoffmann analyzes the state of…

Read More > 06.27.2022


Distilling The SEC’s Landmark Climate Disclosure Proposal

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued its much-anticipated proposed climate disclosure rules that would require public companies in financial statements to report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, exposure to climate risks, and climate-related metrics. The new rules are a significant step forward in standardizing public disclosures on environmental measures.

Read More > 04.13.2022


Interview—From Best to Worst: ‘Madam Chair’ CEO Alicia Syrett and Farient CEO Robin Ferracone Talk Comp Committee Landscape

In the following interview, I dialogue with esteemed investor and experienced public company board chair Alicia Syrett. She is the CEO of the early-stage investment vehicle Pantegrion Capital (its name is a combination of passion and integrity). She is also the founder of Madam Chair, a…

Read More > 03.23.2022

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