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How Resilient Is Your Sector’s TSR? Covid-19 and Its Impact on TSR

The spread of coronavirus in 2020 has resulted in the largest global catastrophe since the end of the Second World War. It also may be responsible for the largest economic collapse since the Great Depression. As the virus began to spread through Asia and parts of Europe in the first…

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Journal of Applied Corporate Finance – Are Performance Shares Shareholder Friendly?

Since the early 2000s, executive compensation has experienced a secular shift toward performance shares—equity awards whose vesting is based on performance as opposed to time or service.

Read More > 10.25.2019



Forbes – Good Governance: Do Boards Need Cyber Security Experts?

While opinions differ on the need for cybersecurity experts on certain boards, there is a general consensus among management, boards, and investors alike that this need is growing. Given this trend, I spent time with Bob Zukis. Bob is the founder and CEO of the Digital Directors Network, professor of Management and Organization at the USC Marshall School of Business, retired PwC Advisory Partner, and author and speaker on digital governance and the impact of disruptive technology on business strategy.

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Forbes – Is Net Promoter Score Just A ‘Feel Good’ Metric?

Recently there’s been quite a bit of buzz around net promoter score (NPS) to measure how satisfied customers are with the services they are receiving. Since many clients are asking about NPS, I thought it made sense to interview Nancy Smith for this week’s PayWatch blog on

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Fortune – Remember Options Backdating? Nissan Gets Caught Using a Very Old CEO Pay Trick

By Erik Sherman After more of than a year of one corporate scandal after another—faked emissions tests, claimed improper payments, executive financial misconduct, and even arrests—Nissan may face yet another problem. CEO Hiroto Saikawa reportedly received…

Read More > 06.11.2019


Danger, Danger, No Cyber Ranger: Why Boards Need More Cyber Experts

The notification of a data/privacy breach from your company is never well received by stakeholders. After all, no one wants their social security number, healthcare and other private information available for public consumption. Yet, almost daily there is a headline story of personal data inadvertently exposed by employees or hacked…

Read More > 05.21.2019


Forbes – When Passive Investors Become Active And Other Tales From The Street

By Robin Ferracone Almost three years ago to the day, I interviewed Moira Conlon, CEO and president of Financial Profiles Inc., on the topic of “How to Best Communicate with Shareholders.” Conlon has been involved with investor relations and financial public relations for more than 25 years. She started…

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Forbes – Dare To Be Different – The Case Of

By Robin Ferracone I recently wrote about how compensation plans seem too homogenized. The reason for this is generally attributed to proxy advisors, and to some extent, investors themselves who apply the standard, “check off the box” criteria for evaluating executive compensation plan design. Companies adhere to such standards because…

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Forbes – How Will EVA Change Performance Metrics, If At All?

By Robin Ferracone This post originally appeared on A Once-Popular Performance Metric May Be Returning – and It Has Implications for Executive Pay EVA (Economic Value Added) may be making a comeback as a performance measure for companies, and this matters for compensation governance. Though popular in…

Read More > 04.30.2019


Environmental and Social Compensation Metrics: Walking the Talk?

In the final installment of this series, we examine E&S incentives. With all the talk of E&S issues, are compensation committees tying executives’ pay to improving the E&S profile of their organizations or just giving it lip service?

Read More > 04.25.2019


Environmental And Social Shareholder Proposals Get Popular Worldwide

Environmental and social (E&S) shareholder proposals are important topics with all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, and the communities where companies do business. Corporations are increasingly required to justify policies and explain their approach to challenges that are beyond typical “business management.” For example, some of these challenges like climate change…

Read More > 04.16.2019


Forbes – Proxy Advisor Legislation: Let’s Fix What’s Broken And Leave The Rest Alone

By Robin Ferracone It’s hard to believe we are getting into proxy season 2019. Where does the time go? Washington started the year with a “screeching” halt, and now, the beltway is breathing a sigh of relief that government will stay open. Meanwhile, investors continue to ramp up…

Read More > 03.07.2019

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